Our Company’s Story

Local Builder London grew from the hard work, ambition and dreams of a small team of builders, tradesmen and developers. As more work from in and around the counties and city of London was being entrusted in Local Builder London, we grew in size but wanted to make sure we continued to develop our flexible team with the technology and regulation changes of the industry. We did this by making sure qualified professionals with a can-do and must-do-for-the-client attitude were added to our team. Local Builder London has an excellent level of service because we know all developments projects are different with their own sets of challenges. By constantly improving and adding to our knowledge and spreading it throughout the company it means every single client of ours is given the great level of expertise, attention and workmanship needed for a quality finish.

Our Team

The Local Builder London team is made up of qualified professionals with expert knowledge and skills for all ranges of work required, from traditional and modern development design builds covering all of the refurbishment and remodelling options the industry offers. Having worked for a multitude of residential and commercial clients, property developers and architects across London, 25 years of valuable industry experience has been built which means our team has an understanding of every scenario and solution. Every project is personal and our team strive to deliver the excellent quality results LBL is known for every time.