Dormer Loft conversion

Dormer loft conversions is a great way to build extra space and height to property with a sloping roof. A dormer loft conversion is defined by having extension walls which meet the floor at a 90° angle. Since the walls are straight and not slanting, dormer loft extensions often have a boxy shape.

There are different types of Dormer conversions such as the flat roof dormer, shed dormer, gable fronted dormer and hipped roof dormer. Flat roof “box-shape” dormers are usually the cheapest type to build and create the largest amount of space. They are usually used on detached or semi-detached homes which tend to have roofs with more than two sloping sides – one side is used to extend outwards with a vertical wall.

With over 15 years of experience installing dormer loft conversions in London and Greater London, we will happily advise you on each of these options and help you decide the conversion style to enhance your home. We will support you throughout the entire process, from architectural drawings to planning application (if needed) through to construction. You can view the different types of Dormer Loft Conversion with the image slider below.

  • Dormer Conversions are great as they maximise loft space and height. They are also great for natural light, and the straight walls lend themselves well to additional features like storage and window seats.
  • Dormers require experts to open up the roof and cut the required timbers to size as needed.
  • Dormer conversions or extensions usually do not require dramatic changes to the roof and will cost £20,000 or more depending on additional features you want to add – be it floor reinforcement, skylights, electrics, lighting, heating or added insulation
  • It is also essential to ensure that the structure is weather-proof throughout the process, since it involves altering the roof.
  • Local Builder London can easily match the style of the dormer extension with the existing roof for a seamless conversion


  • Building dimensions and plans to ensure Permitted Development (PD)
  • What is the structural design of your roof?
  • A total ceiling height of 7ft 6in (2.3m) minimum at its highest point is required

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    • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
    • Expert Project Management
    • Technical Specification Scope
    • Building Control
    • Fully Adhere to Permitted Development Rights

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