Garage Conversion

Garages are often underutilised and uninhabited spaces within properties and if converted correctly can transform the property’s overall value and living.

Local Builder London’s vast experience in property development across London and Greater London also covers garage conversions. We are experts with this conversion type and have converted garages into various living spaces such as bedrooms, play or entertainment rooms, utility rooms, extended kitchens and even dining rooms.

Our attentive service approach means we will help you gage the perceived added value to your property. For example if the added space is vital or off-road parking is not an issue we can then look at the best designs, right materials and implement the right approach for electric reconfiguration if needed. Garages usually have dimensions untypical to a regular room – normally narrower and longer, therefore require an informed conversion planning process. Local Builder London can make a thorough architectural assessment and the necessary checks to ensure you get the conversion you really want. Converting a garage is usually very non-disruptive so those within the property can go about their day-to-day whilst we manage and take care of the entire process – from design and architectural planning, through to construction.

Local Builder London is here to help. Feel free to view the garage conversion examples with the image gallery below.

  • Garage conversions tend to fall under permitted development (PD)
  • The original garage door will need to be in-filled with a new wall and possibly a window or door therefore foundations will need to be checked to make sure the new building load will be safe – Local Builder London can help with every detail from soil type, topsoil composition, adjacent structure and drainage checks and more
  • If you have a double garage, it may be worthwhile having a part conversion where you can still have enough space to store your vehicle or possessions and also create extra living space
  • The cost of adding a new wall to transform the exterior (or studded wall to widen the interior) should cost upwards of approximately £1000
  • Garages tend to be easier and cheaper than extensions as they usually have their own separate electrical connections – around £1000 per m² – Local Builder London will build around your budget and find the right price for you


  • Structural dimensions and plans to ensure Permitted Development (PD)
  • Planning permissions is not usually required
  • For in-fill garage doors, soil, ground condition and foundation checks need to be made

*Your local planning authority should be notified before proceeding which we can help you with

Our Service Level Guarantee

    • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
    • Expert Project Management
    • Technical Specification Scope
    • Building Control
    • Fully Adhere to Permitted Development Rights

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