Single Storey extension

Single storey house extensions are also a speciality of Local Builder London. In certain boroughs, between 15 April 2015 and 30 May 2019, larger single-storey rear extensions can now be built and classified as permitted development. This guideline has seen an increase in demand of this extension type and Local Builder London was a front runner to this demand so we now have the knowledge to design and build single storey extensions to maximum space allowance.

Single storey extensions will not affect any of the second floor rooms of your property however an aspect to consider is how you want the overall look of the property to feel and look. Single storey extensions are generally great as side-return, wrap-around, conservatory or rear kitchen extension types.

Due to the permitted development implications, the options are endless. Single storey extensions are a great way to create extra space for your kitchen or perhaps an additional living area for children as your family grows. Separate dining rooms and utility rooms are also very popular options depending on what you want to achieve.

  • You can create an additional 3 metres of length to your attached property – 4 meters if detached, which is a considerable amount of space for an additional room or living area
  • The maximum height for a single storey rear extension is 4 metres which means the likelihood of ‘design disruption’ is very low
  • The cost of a single storey extension is slightly more than that of a double storey per square meter but is a perfectly suitable option if you are limited by budget or want the flexibility for further development in the future
  • Single storey extensions can add 5-10% more value to your property
  • Note – increased limit single storey extensions are subject to prior notification to the Local Planning Authority but the process is just as straightforward which we can assist with


  • Planning Consent check
  • Listed Building Check is required
  • Building dimensions and plans
  • The impact of the extension on your neighbours – the Part Wall Act 1996

Our Service Level Guarantee

  • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
  • Expert Project Management
  • Technical Specification Scope
  • Building Control
  • Fully Adhere to Permitted Development Rights

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