Tow Storey extension

Two or Double Storey Extensions can drastically increase the space of your property and can be a straightforward and cost-effective way to improve your property depending on the additional refurbishment, finishes and fittings you have planned for the new space.

Two storey extensions can unlock a combination of options to transform your property at a nominal investment – be it with an additional living area, utility or shower room, extended kitchen space, an additional bedroom for a family member or workspace for business needs. Usually within the format of a side or rear extension, this type of development project is a perfect solution to add value.

Local Builder London have extensive experience having completed two storey projects for clients in London and home-counties for modern and traditional properties.

  • As an estimate, the cost of a two storey extension is just a little less than double of a single storey extension and more cost-effective than single storey due to the foundation and roof costs being spread per cubic metre
  • If you have additional budget for development but are unsure where or how to invest, a two storey extension can streamline costs around new design work and structural planning
  • Two storey extensions can add up to 20% to your property’s value
  • You will have time to make any needed arrangements or provisions as no major disruption to the current occupants as initial building work is conducted outside of the property
  • It’s usually recommended to extend your original roof with a pitched roof for two storey extensions – the LBL team are happy to assist in adding this into your development proposal


  • Planning Consent check
  • Listed Building Check is required
  • Building dimensions and plans

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  • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
  • Expert Project Management
  • Technical Specification Scope
  • Building Control
  • Fully Adhere to Permitted Development Rights

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