Alterations and Remodelling

Alterations and Remodelling

Alterations and remodelling; within today’s market with annual property price percentage increases slightly less compared to recent years, remodelling projects – proven popular in 2018 – are trending to continue in 2019 as the average project value return/ payback is still above 50% as reports have highlighted, especially with shirts towards aspects such as energy efficiency.

With comprehensive experience in building alterations and remodelling projects, Local Builder London has serviced thousands of properties in London, Greater London and Home Counties over the past 30 years. Local Builder London offers an excellent quality level of service, guaranteed to undertake specific or all aspects of property remodelling for you. From the initial consultation, design, permit scope and application, product selection to construction and post-completion support, whatever you need we’re happy to help you so you can focus on your schedule and allow us to build your dream.

We thoroughly plan and coordinate every aspect of your alteration and remodelling project using our expert architectural designers and quality builders to manage your improvement. Our team know the best options and techniques to upgrade, refit, retrofit domestic and non-domestic appliances and systems, add and remove all types of partitions, make structural changes and adaptations to residential and commercial buildings. We are passionate about making valuable changes to people’s properties as we are their lives.

  • Alterations and remodelling are a great way to modernise any home before or after any major development project such as an extension or conversion
  • Remodelling is heavily invested in for upscale, midrange and smaller scale projects
  • Our team can easily work around the existing infrastructure and utilities of your property whilst creating space or adjusting your floor plans
  • Remodelling and alterations projects which Local Builder London can help with includes a great range such as window and door replacements, roofing, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, basement and attics, receptions and entrances, garage, garden, balcony and decking additions
  • Remodelling can help you shift the focal point of your home or features of any room along with how each room functions in your property
  • Indoor and outdoor living spaces are often considered for remodelling


  • Building dimensions and floor plans

Our Service Level Guarantee

  • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
  • Expert Project Management
  • Technical Specification Scope
  • Non-intrusive and disruptive work

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