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Better gardens usually mean better homes. Gardens are one of the major focal points of any household. Local Builder London Have worked on a range of ideas to improve the quality of residential and commercial gardens for thousands of properties across the entirety London.

Landscaping gardens with patios in mind should not be underestimated. There are many aspects to consider to make sure your patio landscape is built to exactly what you are hoping for. The patio designs available are wide and varied along with the combinations and types of materials to use. Your garden space could be transformed into a home from home to be used for outdoor dining, entertaining, relaxing, a play area for children, a sanctuary for your green projects or just for common activities such as sunbathing. If you need inspiration or guidance, Local Builder London have professionals at hand to give you the best ideas and advice specifically for your property.

Landscaping could also be a part of the bigger property picture – landscaping the front as well as the back of your property is also vital in creating curb appeal for your property’s visitors and potential tenants and buyers. Your garden space can be transformed to act as extra “outdoor rooms” and if they’re designed in a way which requires low maintenance you would most certainly reap the benefits.

  • Local Builder London patio work is durable, well-constructed and attractive
  • Our architect and landscape designers can give you a whole range of ideas around your budget and theme of choice
  • We will assess the current look of your property and its potential to be transformed into a great small or large garden design considering all aspects such as doorway and driveway access, best materials to elevated views
  • The idea of an extension may be worth considering if you’re hoping for a look and feel which seamlessly joins your indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Decking types, natural stone, brickwork, paving slabs, flagstones, concrete and accompanying plants, foliage, patterns and shapes  – these aspects which need thorough thought is what our team of garden and patio landscapers can help with


  • Where do you think is the best location for your patio? How close should it be to the entrance of your home?
  • What view are you expecting from your patio? What level of shade and sun do you want?
  • What dimensions do you want your patio to be? If you are unsure about any of these questions Local Builder London can help!

Our Service Level Guarantee

  • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
  • Expert Project Management
  • Technical Specification Scope

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