Kitchen Fitting

With the number of property extension projects in the UK and London still increasing, the popularity of kitchen fittings and adjustments has been very high.

Knowing that the kitchen room is a massive value driver and the heart of people’s homes for all property types in London, whether it be for traditional period, modern, residential and commercial properties, Local Builder London has built a particular speciality and experience around kitchen refurbishments.

Local Builder London have proven experience of doing top-quality kitchen fittings and additions for all kitchen styles and layouts from one wall, U-shape/ horseshoe, L-shape, gallery kitchens to those with island workspaces or peninsula kitchens. We know how to maximise the space and consider the overall design of your kitchen room.

The latest trends for kitchens include neutral coloured work surfaces, cupboards and cabinets and multi-purpose appliances and kitchens with multiple work triangles or zones due to the truly communal nature of the kitchen. If you’re looking to follow the trends or to set your own, Local Builder London can help you create your dream kitchen to meet the daily needs of the family, tenants or building occupants.

  • A reliable and prompt level of service with excellent workmanship – made to measure around existing or desired plans
  • Design ideas and advice on the best colour trends, styles, countertops, cupboards, components and accessories for the greatest aesthetic improvement and visual impact
  • Start from scratch to transform your kitchen style or add accessories or an area to your kitchen – we can accommodate for whatever you want
  • We can build in kitchen products and appliances that you have already bought or selected or feel free to choose from our suppliers
  • Electrics and plumbing can easily and cheaply be reconfigured so there is no need to worry about this
  • Reports have also shown that UK homeowners spend a yearly average of around £5,000 on furniture, appliances, technology and art – all for the


  • Building dimensions and floor plans
  • One of the most important aspects of your kitchen is the material of the countertop (or ‘worktop’) as it is the visual chain to all of the components of your kitchen which you use, see and interact with
  • Ask yourself, what do you want with your new kitchen space?

Our Service Level Guarantee

  • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
  • Expert Project Management
  • Technical Specification Scope
  • Non-intrusive and disruptive work

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Let us know what you are looking to do and one of our consultants can go any aspect you need more information on and the LBL development process.

Reach us by telephone, email or fill in our contact form for us to get back to right away.

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