Wood Floor Sanding

If you are looking to restore flooring or refinish it for a different look and feel, Local Builder London and our team of professional flooring experts can help you.

Local Builder London have worked on modern floor sanding projects including gym and community halls, and commercial projects such as shops, office space flooring and also more mature flooring styles such as parquet block flooring common in Victorian style home living rooms. Our experience is vast and varied and we know how to achieve subtle or dramatic finishes depending on the style and effect desired. Wood Floor Sanding is a specific service Local Builder London specialise in as we know without proper sanding maintenance, cracks, chips and polish flaking can spread and amplify into deeper issues which down the line can really affect the overall flooring aesthetic.

Local Builder London’s team also apply their trade knowledge and machinery expertise to produce high-quality sanding in coordination with beautiful staining and oil techniques to deliver to high expectations. The look and quality of your property’s flooring finish is important when judging the value of your home so if there’s anything you want to plan or discuss with us get in touch and one of our consultants will happily assist you.

  • A reliable and prompt level of service with excellent workmanship
  • Our specialist floor sanding team can assess the condition of your existing floor and recommend restoration solutions in line with what you want to achieve
  • Design ideas and advice on the best stain/ oil colour and floor pattern combinations
  • Sanding repairs can be performed on flooring with minor damage to restore its seamless look and feel
  • In some cases, major damage will mean existing flooring may be beyond repair. If that is the case Local Builder London can help with new flooring fitting and possibly incorporate reclaimed floorboards if you wish


  • Building dimensions and floor plans
  • Is your current flooring finish smooth, matt, satin or glossy?
  • What is your floor type and material? Certain stain and oil finishes work better with specific flooring types

Our Service Level Guarantee

  • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
  • Expert Project Management
  • Technical Specification Scope

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Let us know what you are looking to do and one of our consultants can go any aspect you need more information on and the LBL development process.

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