How To Choose Your Paint Colours

The multitude of colours available for you to potentially choose are incredibly vast. There are so many different harmonies and combinations you can go for. Here’s how you can make sure your paint job goes perfectly.



When thinking about what paint you want, you can gain inspiration from almost anything or place you see. From other people’s homes you visit, public buildings and venues such as shops, hotels and restaurants. You can also look at objects, possessions or magazines to come up with ideas but it’s always best to gain ideas in person appeal to you.

Using A Colour Wheel

These are useful to ensure successful colour mixing results. Think about complementary colours which tend to be opposite to each other and create a great contrast for striking aesthetics. Closely related colours which sit next to each other will also allow for a great visual blend for any room you have in mind – less striking but more subtle and comfortable. Thirdly harmonising colours are those which are equidistant from each other on the wheel and always work well together if you’re thinking of using three colours in one of your rooms.

Colour Strength

When it comes to strength think about the space and distance away from any surfaces you have in mind along with a paint selection which considers mid tones or reducing complimentary colours to create more vibrancy and vividness. Whatever you are attracted to, keep in mind that balanced schemes are often the most welcoming and accepting to those in the room.

Painting and Lighting Combined

Large surface areas can serve as a place to inspire and focus on any features or fixtures you may have. Depending on the size and surrounding objects next to your walls, the colour and type of paint you choose to use can really make a difference. But in addition to this, it is the lighting and paint combined which can really elevate a section of your room, create a focal point and overall create an environment with a particular mood. When selecting your paint, think about what lighting system you have at the moment and whether you plan on changing that too either now or in the future. For example, how much natural light enters your room and the type and amount of artificial light used can change the hue of your paint slightly. It’s good to think about the ambience and vibrancy you want as a result from your painting job.


B&D London have all of the common planning and preparation items covered and always consider the extra aspects which you may not have known of, as we have experience painting and decorating thousands of homes over the past 20 years.

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