Hipped Roof Loft Conversion

Hipped roofs with inward slopes at both ends can offer extra living space through developments such as hip to gable conversions.

A hipped roof can really benefit the property value and those using or living within it. The different types of hipped roofs include the most common and simple type of hipped roof, cross hipped roofs which are similar to a cross gable using separate hip roofs on homes which have different wings and a half hipped roof with two sides shortened to create eaves.

Hipped roofs are particularly suited and good for areas of turbulent weather such as strong winds and snowy areas allowing for water and residue to slide off of the roof at ease. Hipped roofs can increase the potential space for properties with a vaulted ceiling or an attic and should be a definite development consideration.

London Builder London have a team of expert architectural designers and builders at hand to provide you with specific consultation for hipped roof conversions and we will happily discuss your design requirements. You can view the Hipped Roof Conversion examples with the image slider below.

  • Hipped roofs are excellent to transform an attic or vaulted ceiling
  • Hipped roofs with pitches between 33°- 50° angles are recommended for properties within areas prone to high wind, heavy rain or snow
  • Hipped roofs are more expensive to build than a gable roof as the design plans and structural considerations are more complex and material requirement is greater
  • The roofing system installed should consider the quantity and quality of additional seams to prevent leakage and subsequent damage


  • Building dimensions and plans to ensure Permitted Development (PD)
  • What is the structural design of your roof?
  • A total ceiling height of 7ft 6in (2.3m) minimum at its highest point is required

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    • Accurate Build-Cost Projections
    • Expert Project Management
    • Technical Specification Scope
    • Building Control
    • Fully Adhere to Permitted Development Rights

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