Finding the right handyman for the job

handyman London

handyman London

Doing a truly professional standard job on your own can be very difficult to achieve. There are only so many tips a tricks you can read about or watch online. Hiring a professional handyman who has the experience, all of the knowledge for any job and who can trust is no certainty. Here’s how you can make sure you hire the right handyman.

Search and Review

You can find great local handyman services across London and Greater London online through search engines such as Google or Bing. Once you find the company which has the handyman services you require, check their website to judge the quality of their work, their service guarantee, accreditation they have, what jobs their handymen can do.

Contact your handyman

Once you have your shortlist and know what work you need, contact your handy man to check what service they provide. How much experience do they have? What is their time estimate for job completion? Do they have a workmanship guarantee? What type of jobs have they done and how many times in the past? Do they provide shelving, frame hanging, sanding, tiling, laminate flooring, furniture or flack pack assembly, painting and decorating? If they cover all of these handyman services, it’s likely they can deliver the service you need.

The Quote

When in contact with your chosen handyman, to get an accurate and fair quote arrange a call or meeting for them to accurately assess the job. This is so the scope of work is clearly and thoroughly discussed with the handyman and you both understand the level and type of work involved. Before drawing up the final costs and timings it may worthwhile to ask for the list of clients the handyman has performed jobs for or a visual portfolio so you truly understand the workmanship you will get.

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