Ready for a loft conversion? Here’s what to consider

loft conversions London

loft conversions London

It may be the time of the year when you are finally considering that loft conversion. There are many articles out there which support the statistic that loft conversions bring back an added value of up to £20,000, but there is so much more to consider and potentially benefit from with a loft conversion. Find out in our breakdown below.

Added space with no permission required

Yes it is true loft conversions can drive the needed value to your property and a great way to also transform any property with added space without the stress of having to move. The main reason which may not be the most prominent to mind is planning permission. Planning permission is not normally required as loft conversions are considered permitted development which definitely a reason to carry out your loft conversion.

A range of possibilities

Loft conversions can let you transform available floor space, storage options, natural lighting and really enhance or create different functionality to your room. Local Builder London have worked on many loft conversions for properties across London and know of a whole range of ideas which we’ve turned into reality.

  • Open access to your loft and its storage options – many loft conversion designs are made accessible from the rest of the property via a fixed permanent or self-closing staircase and in some cases used solely for storage purposes. If you opt for a loft storage room this could allow you to remodel other areas and rooms of your property as habitable or extended living spaces.
  • Create an extra bathroom or en suite – your loft could host a master bedroom with its own en suite and even a dressing room perhaps. In this instance your plumbing installation would have to be extended but that is an easy job for any high quality building service provider. For any liveable room you which to convert your space into, you will also have to think about the electrics, lighting, heating and accompanying floor reinforcement.
  • Shift your lighting – a loft conversion can let you change how natural light enters the room depending on the type and size of windows you choose or skylights you use. Your room can be given a distinct atmosphere due to the potential light you can receive through your roof. Understand that how you decorate your ceiling and walls can affect how impactful your lighting is and whether your loft conversion as a whole remains stylistically consistent with the existing theme of your property or can be made to contrast to serve as a stand out feature of your property.

Ultimately there will always be a degree of challenge whatever you choose to develop for your loft conversion. Make sure you know the physical dimensions of your development space – maximum head height, pitch angle and type of roof structure. Then you can plan realistic design concepts and decorative work to make the most of the option you choose for your loft conversion.

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