Refurbishments – the advantages and disadvantages to consider



Local Builder London have a great team of expert tradesman to develop any refurbishment idea into reality and although refurbishments can beat the idea of a rebuild, you must ask the question – is a refurbishment for your property really the right choice for you?

Below is a breakdown of what to consider for any refurbishment project plan.

Cost Implications

Refurbishments mean the overall project costs should be significantly less than that of a rebuild from the ground up depending on how large the job or property is. If you are planning a series of considerable updates over time, the project management has to be spot on – ensuring timings of development are not constrained by issues such as weather, resource availability and other potential risk drivers.

How much will a total rebuild cost compared to refurbishment? Rebuilds usually have demolition and site clearance costs, along with the standard architect design and installation costs.

Discuss your planning options with your chosen builder and understand the level of technical complexity involved for every stage of the development project. Once all is clear and agree you can get a real sense of the costs you can expect for your dream refurbishment. Your planned budget will be a crucial factor for this.

Time to Develop

Refurbishments if planned well will be quicker than a rebuild. Rebuilds will involve a demolition process which is usually quick but the rebuild itself is time-consuming usually involving the need of all tradesmen specialisms – that is what makes a rebuild project span longer than that of a refurbishment. Refurbishments on the other hand may involve the removal of surface features such as wall and floor coverings or fixtures.

Your requirements and needs will affect whether a refurbishment is the right path to take. Do you need to add some final upgrades to make your property in preparation for a sale? Perhaps your property is a rental and you need to make some repair-type jobs? Or maybe your life situation has changed and the size or needs of your family will be

Level of Transformation

Are you happy with the ‘skeleton’ structure or foundations of the existing building or section being considered for development? Depending on the age and condition of your property the level of work needed may vary. A building being refurbished will need to conform with aspects from structure, fire safety, moisture resistance to sound, ventilation and energy. The value you are expecting from your property development is a major factor to whether you opt for refurbishing or rebuilding. Whether it be for residential or commercial properties, refurbishments are more of a low-risk option and are very likely to return you financial value and non-monetary value. The way in which your property feels, looks and to some degree is used can be transformed and uplifted to improve your building and life with a refurbishment project.

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